Kaori Oda First SOLO Album 「PLACE」

Yes, our very talented KAORI will finally release her first solo album! I’m so excited because I really I’m a solid fan of hers. I’ve always love listening to her songs.
More Information!
NOTE: The translations aren’t very accurate with the original text. Some lines were left untranslated due to difficulty of reading the text; sorry about that.
Artist Oda Kaori’s 1st solo album will be finally released!
TVアニメ「バッカーノ!」 EDをはじめ、PSP「ワイルドアームズ クロスファイア」主題歌、PSP「AMNESIA LATER」OP&EDなど
The ED for the TV animation 「Baccano!」, the PSP game 「Wild Arms XF」 theme songs, and PSP game 「AMNESIA LATER」 OP&ED.
Kaori Oda, who sang these songs, will finally be releasing the long-awaited first solo album.
Along with her past songs, the album will contain newly recorded songs.
Songs confirmed to be included are:
1. 永遠の一秒 (PSP®用ソフト「AMNESIA LATER」 エンディングテーマ)
2. 始まりの記憶 (PSP®用ソフト「AMNESIA LATER」 オープニングテーマ)
3. 日の当たる場所へ (PSP/ニンテンドー3DS用ゲームソフト「アンチェインブレイズ エクシヴ」 エンディングテーマ)
4. 世界の果てで (PSP®用ソフト「L.G.S ~新説 封神演義~」二期 オープニングテーマ)
5. 水鏡 (PSP®用ソフト「L.G.S ~新説 封神演義~」 エンディングテーマ)
6. My Destiny (「AMNESIA ドラマCD ~AMNESIA OF THE DEAD~」 テーマソング)
◆織田かおり プロフィール
Kaori Oda’s Official Profile
Born on 5/11/1988
Her excellent singing voice was discovered early, and since then, she had performed many songs for different projects.
She participated in Yuki Kajiura’s 「FictionJunction」 project and sung songs for the NHK anime 「Tsubasa Chronicle」. 
2006年からは、サウンドクリエイター”REVO”の主催する幻想楽団『Sound Horizon』にヴォーカリストとして参加。 
Since 2006, she participated as a vocalist for 「Sound Horizon」, the fantasy band created by REVO.
2007年3月にはソロ活動として、ゲームソフト「ルミナスアーク」のテーマ曲”Brilliant World”を、8月にはテレビアニメ『BACCANO!』のエンディングテーマ曲”Calling”をリリース。
2007 marked her first solo singing career. On March, she released her first solo single album 「Brilliant World」 which was the theme of NDS game 「Luminous Arc」. On August, she released her next solo single 「Calling」 album which was the ED for the TV anime 「Baccano!」.
現在、『FictionJunction』『Sound Horizon』『アナザーユニオン』と、様々なプロジェクトに参加し、 活動の幅を広げ、注目されているシンガーの一人である。
She’s currently involved in 「FictionJunction」, 「Sound Horizon」, 「Another Union」 and other various projects.
So there! I don’t think this album will include her songs from her previous works other than the official list since those other songs weren’t published under TEAM Entertainment’s label.
Some notable artist from TEAM Entertainment are: REVO, Jimang, mao, eufonius, Haruka Shimotsuki, Noriko Mitose, yocuza, and so on.

TV size version of Yuki Kajiura compositions

I kinda love listening to the TV size version of Yuki Kajiura’s compositions. Well, it’s shorter than the full version but sometimes, I’m quite surprise because of the slight differences in the arrangements.

Besides, weren’t it for this short version we began to the love the whole song?

I’ll list the TV size version of the songs here; yes, this includes the game version and movie version. This list only includes the released material meaning no amateur recorded materials included. I will also provide download links!

「Anna ni Issho Datta no ni TV-size」 HERE

「Anna ni Issho Datta no ni TV-size」 HERE

(This is not a case of copy and paste… there are slight differences between this and the one from above! These two were taken from different albums)

「Calling TV SIZE」 HERE

「edge TV-Edit」 HERE

「Emerald Green (short version)」 HERE

「eternal blue (game ver.)」 HERE

「Hikari no Senritsu (TV size)」 HERE

「Hikari no Yukue ~ TV SIZE EDIT」 HERE

「Hitomi no Kakera ~ TV SIZE EDIT」 HERE

「inside your heart ~ TV SIZE EDIT」 HERE

「I have a dream (Movie Ver.)」 HERE

「Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa (TV size)」 HERE

「Kioku 90sec “Liminality” version」 HERE

「Kouya Ruten (TV-size)」 HERE

「Life Goes On (TV Size type1)」 HERE

「Life Goes On (TV Size type2)」 HERE

「Life Goes On (TV Size type3)」 HERE

「Magia ~TV version~」 HERE

「Michiyuki~Short Ver.」 HERE

「moonfesta~moon festival~ 「Minna no Uta」ver.」 HERE

「Namae no Nai Michi (TV size)」 HERE

「Obsession TV-mix」 HERE

「Parallel Hearts (TV-Size)」 HERE

「romanesque ~ TV SIZE EDIT」 HERE

「Sayonara Solitia (TV Size)」 HERE

「Silly-Go-Round [TV Ver.]」 HERE

「stone cold (TV-Edit)」 HERE

「symphonia TV ver.」 HERE

「Tasogare no Umi TV-Edit」 HERE

「Toki no Mukou Maboroshi no Sora –TV SIZE- 」 HERE

「to the beginning ~TV size~」 HERE

「Tsuki no Curse~Short Ver.」 HERE

「yasashii yoake TV-size」 HERE


NOTE: I will remove all the links one year after posting this or when certain conditions or requests prompt me to remove the links.

Somehow, I’m quite intrigued with Sony’s way of releasing the TV size version especially for most of Kalafina’s songs. Almost all of their song’s TV size version, excluding the ones from 「Kuroshitsuji」 are now included in this so-called Anime version of the single. WTH. Ripping much?

WAKANA on 「Musuhi no Toki」

I’m currently watching 「sword art online」 because Yuki Kajiura is composing the music. The first season’s ED 「Yume Sekai」 was sung by Haruka Tomatsu. Haruka Tomatsu is also the seiyuu of Asuna, one of the main characters of the series. Well, I did like 「Yume Sekai」 so looked up for more music from her discography. I found out that Haruka Tomatsu’s break role was Nagi, the main character of anime 「Kannagi」. Apart from that, she also sang the OP and ED of the said anime series. The ED 「Musuhi no Toki」 caught my attention because somehow, a familiar voice can be heard in the bridge. I did a little research on the single’s scans and found that WAKANA sung the chorus for the song.

Here’s the song 「Musuhi no Toki」:

WAKANA’s part is the wailing voice in the bridge. I believe she also handled the upper harmony during the chorus while Haruka, herself, handled the lower harmony.

The song itself is very pleasant to the ear.

Well, I usually only listen to the A-sides of the singers who aren’t related to Kajiura. So that’s that.

Japanese version of Yuki Kajiura music

Yes, Kajiura actually makes a Japanese version of her compositions. Japanese version means that she included Japanese words in the melody of the music. Her composition may either be constructed in Latin Language, English Language, Kajiurago (her made-up language), or just pure non-vocal music.

I’m gonna list her compositions with Japanese version. This list doesn’t include unreleased materials which I don’t have any access with. This also doesn’t include Japanese version which was later constructed into other languages; though I might include that at the latter parts. In other words, this list doesn’t include the Insrumental or Karaoke version of the Japanese songs composed by Kajiura.

The listing per project is not chronologically arranged. The list was created in reference to Kajiura’s compositions from 1999-2012.


1. canta per me

「canta per me」 was originally sung by Yuriko Kaida in Latin Language. Later, Yuki made a Japanese version of this song titled 「canta per me – Japanese ver.」 and was sung by Houko Kuwashima; Houko Kuwashima is the seiyuu of one of the main characters of 「NOIR」. Well, it’s not entirely in English. The last part retains the Latin lyrics.

OTHER INFO: Later, the Latin version was covered by Deb Lyons in Yuki Kajiura’s 「FICTION」 album.

2. lullaby

「lullaby」 was originally sung by Yuriko Kaida in English Language. Later, Yuki made a Japanese version of this song titled 「lullaby – Japanese ver.」 and was sung by TARAKO; TARAKO is also a seiyuu from the characters of 「NOIR」.

OTHER INFO: The English version was also covered by Tulivu in Yuki Kajiura’s 「FICTION」 album.

3. secret game

「secret game」 was originally sung by Yuri Kasahara in English Language. Yuki also made a Japanese version of this song titled 「Himitsu」 and was sung by Aya Hisakawa; Yes, Aya is also a seiyuu from the characters of 「NOIR」.

OTHER INFO: The Japanese version was also covered by Yuriko Kaida in FictionJunction’s 「Everlasting Songs」 album.

Tsubasa Chronicle

1. you are my love

「you are my love」 was originally sung by Eri Ito in English Language. A Japanese version was also made and also titled 「you are my love」 and was sung by Yui Makino; Yui Makino is a seiyuu of Sakura.

OTHER INFO: The Japanese version can be found in Yui Makino’s 「Amrita」 single as well in her first album (I forgot the album name). There’s also a non-vocal arrangement of this song titled 「if you are my love」.

2. tsubasa

「tsubasa」 was originally sung by FictionJunction KAORI in English Language. Yuki made a Japanese version titled 「Yume no Tsubasa」 and was sung by Yui Makino. Later, a duet version was also released and was sung by both Yui Makino and Miyu Irino; Miyu Irino is Shaoran’s seiyuu.

OTHER INFO: The Japanese version was also covered by FictionJunction in their 「Everlasting Songs」 album. There’s also a non-vocal arrangement of this song titled 「lost wings」.

El Cazador de la Bruja

1. el cazador

「el cazador」 was originally sung by YUUKA in Kajiurago. Later, Yuki made a Japanese version titled 「cazador del amor」 and was again sung by YUUKA.

OTHER INFO: The Japanese version was later credited as sung by FictionJunction YUUKA in FictionJunction’s 「Everlasting Songs」 album.

Erementar Gerad

1. everlasting song

「everlasting song」 was originally sing by FictionJunction ASUKA in English Language. A Japanese version was also made and titled 「everlasting song~japanese edition」 and also sung by FictionJunction ASUKA.

OTHER INFO: The live cover of the Japanese version by FictionJunction included Kajiurago and some parts from the original English version.

Kara no Kyoukai

1. garan-no-dou

「garan-no-dou」 was originally sung by the Kara no Kyoukai vocalists in Kajiurago; Sorry, no credits were given to each song but I suspect it’s WAKANA and Yuki Kajiura. The Japanese version of the song was titled 「ARIA」 and was sung by Kalafina.

OTHER INFO: Actually, the original Kajiurago can be found in the bundled OST of the DVD but there are no remember-able titles there due to the nature of the song naming.

2. IV paradigm

「IV paradigm」 was originally sung by the Kara no Kyoukai vocalists in Kajiurago; Again no credits, but I suspect it’s Hanae Tomaru and WAKANA. The Japanese version of the song was titled 「sprinter」 and was sung by Kalafina.

OTHER INFO: Same with other info from 「garan-no-dou」. The Kajiurago parts of the Japanese version was sung by Yuriko Kaida, notice the difference? 「M09」 from the OST is the guitar solo in the first parts of the Japanese version.

3. when the fairytale ends

「when the fairytale ends」 was originally sung by Hanae Tomaru in Kajiurago. The Japanese version of the song was titled 「fairytale」 and was sung by Kalafina.

OTHER INFO: Same with other info from 「garan-no-dou」.

4. II into the light

「II into the light」 features a piano solo in the first part of the song and Kajiurago parts in the last parts. The melody of the non-vocal parts of the song was covered in Japanese titled 「Kimi ga Hikari ni Kaete Iku」 and was sung by Kalafina.

OTHER INFO: I’m not sure with this one. Can anyone check if the first parts [non-vocal] were originally present in the OST?

5. in the garden of sinners

「in the garden of sinners」 was originally sung by WAKANA in Kajiurago. This was later covered in Japanese with title 「seventh heaven」 and was sung by Kalafina.

6. II snow is falling

「II snow is falling」 was originally sung by Kalafina in Kajiurago; Also, Yuriko Kaida can be heard in the chorus. Yuki made another Japanese version titled 「snow falling」 and was sung by Kalafina.


1. Otome no Komoriuta

「Otome no Komoriuta」 was originally sung by Yuriko Kaida in Kajiurago. The Japanese version of the song was titled 「Hoshi ga Kanaderu Monogatari」. There are four versions of the song: The first was sung by Ami Koshimizu, the second was sung by Mika Kikuchi, the third was sung by YUKANA, and the fourth was sung by the three.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

1. Credens justitiam

「Credens justitiam」 was originally sung by Eri Ito in Kajiurago. Later, Yuki made a Japanese version titled 「Mirai」 and was sung by Kalafina.

OTHER INFO: The live version of the Kajiurago version was sung by FictionJunction; sometimes with the original vocalist and sometimes with other vocalist. The Japanese version included new Kajiurago but different from the newly added Kajiurago in the live version.

2. Sagitta luminis

「Sagitta luminis」 is an instrumental music. A Japanese version was made and titled 「Hikari Furu」 and was sung by Kalafina.


1. let the stars fall down

「let the stars fall down」 was originally sung by Hanae Tomaru in Kajiurago. Later, Yuki made a Japanese version titled 「Manten」 and was sung by Kalafina.

Rekishi Hiwa Historia

1. Historia: Opening theme

「Historia: Opening theme」 was originally sung by WAKANA and Yuriko Kaida. The Japanese version of this song was titled 「storia」 and was sung by Kalafina. There are also various rendition of the original song which were sung by Hanae Tomaru and Yuri Kasahara; also, an instrumental version of the original song.

Shin Kyuuseishu Densetsu Hokuto no Ken Raoh Den Junai no Shou Yuria Den

1. where the lights are~SHEW

「where the lights are~SHEW」 was originally sung by Nicolette Grogoroff in Kajiurago. The Japanese version of this song was titled 「”where the lights are” Japanese ver.」 and was sung by FictionJunction WAKANA.

2. lightseekers

「lightseekers」 was originally sung by Tokyo Konsei in Kajiurago. The Japanese version of this song was titled 「Hikari no Yukue」 and was sung by FictionJunction WAKANA.

OTHER INFO: The ending part of the Japanese version was sung by Kaoru Saito in Kajiurago. Refer to 「fatality」 from the original soundtrack.

Some Unreleased Song/s:

1. The Courtesy Waltz

「The Courtesy Waltz」 is an instrumental music from Yuki Kajiura’s former site. The Japanese version of this song was titled 「Yami no Uta」 and was sung by Kalafina.

Yuki Kajiura LIVE Vol.#7 “Fiction” leaked concert!

NOTE: Sorry no links here for the leak! If you know where to find it, good for you!

 First of all, I would like to thank those people who recorded this amazing live; also thanks to the cpme members who were able to get a hold of this copy through that FLAC trade. Thanks guys! Really appreciated it –sniff-

 Here’s the tracklist for the concert:
[this was from the first day concert]

1. overture~lotus
2. E.G.O.
3. MC1
4. I swear
5. jubilee
6. March
7. blue clouds
8. MC2
9. Sis puella magica
10. My long forgotten cloistered sleep
11. Forest
12. Credens justitiam
13. MC3
14. Eternal Blue
15. Toki no Mukou Maboroshi no Sora
16. Hanamori no Oka
17. Kara no Kyoukai ~medley
18. MC4
19. heigen
20. the image them of Xenosaga II
21. MC5
22. I reach for the sun
23. maybe tomorrow
24. Encore
25. stone cold
26. zodiacal sign
27. MC6
28. Parallel Hearts
29. MC7
30. sweet song
31. MC8
[BGM] everlasting song

My Review:

M1. Lotus

The studio version of this song was sung by Hanae Tomaru with Yuki Kajiura doing the chorus. I usually mistook this one with Kara no Kyoukai BGM if I crybecause of the similarities in the intro. The live featured WAKANA as the main vocalist and had the rest of FJ doing the chorus. The chorus parts are richer compared to the studio; well duh, it featured four vocals. The guitar parts were really lovely.  The violin in the bridge is sooo great! 

M2. E.G.O.

The studio version of this song was sung by Eri Ito with Yuriko Kaida on the chorus. The song started with them girls singing the chants [noticeable voice is KAORI, KEIKO, and Yuriko] until the second part of the verse where Yuriko’s voice became heavier and added a more noticeable layered voice effect. Then the soprano vocal version of the instruments of the original E.G.O.sang by WAKANA followed with KEIKO layer then finally a Yuriko layer. The finale part had KAORI, KEIKO and Yuriko singing the chant while WAKANA sings the soprano parts.

 Well, I really love the original version more than the Fiction version. I felt that the techno feel of the song decreased with the addition of the vocals.

M3. I swear

The studio version was sung by Clara Kennedy with Emily Bindiger on the chorus. KEIKO was the main vocal for this song. Wow, her English really improved compared from her past performances. The first chorus had Yuriko doing the upper harmony while KAORI doing the lower harmony. The second verse was sung by both KAORI and KEIKO; pretty much how they sung the second verse of Sayonara Solitia. That KEIKO “yeeaahh” in initial part of bridge was eargasm! The final part of the bridge, I can’t distinguish much but them four sung together. Again with the KEIKO’s “yeeeaah” in the end! Love love it!

 I love this live version more than the original version. Hahaha! I never actually cared for the original.

M4. Jubilee

The studio version was sung by Eri Ito with Yuriko Kaida on the chorus. There’s a new violin solo on the start but it’s not that grandiose. Yuriko is the main vocal for this one. The first chorus had the other three doing the chorus. WAKANA and KEIKO sung the second verse while Yuriko does the upper harmony.

This is better than the original version. But I still wanna hear Eri singing this.

M5. March

The studio version was sung by Emily Bindiger. The first verse was sung by KAORI with only the keyboard playing. The first verse was re-sung now with the added guitars and bass. IMHO, KAORI is the second to the best Japanese Kajiura vocalist who can sing straight English; well, she was trained by a lot of composer, she may have picked a lot of techniques along the way. The best English Japanese vocalist is Yuriko. Why? First because of lullaby and Second, I’ll explain later.

 Argh. I’m not really an Emily Bindiger fan so I’m more into this live version with KAORI singing; her voice felt more alive, If you know what I mean.

 M6. blue clouds

Blue Clouds is one of the many soothing Tsubasa Chronicle BGM. This featured Rie Akagi on the flute. The flute and violin duet is such an eargasm!!! Of course the keyboard was also great.

 M7. Sis puella magica!

The original version was sung by Eri Ito. This was the first song to be leaked. The song started with the keyboard; yes the celtic! Then the flute added with the harmony. The first verse was sung by Yuriko and KAORI. I’m really a fan of Yuriko (main) x KAORI (chorus) duets! I really love their past performances like canta per meand L.A.. The second verse added KEIKO’s and WAKANA’s voice. Then came the flute [almost solo]. The bridge was had a new Kajiurago with KEIKO and WAKANA singing the lead; I can hear KAORI and Yuriko but only for a bit. Then the final again with Yuriko and KAORI.

 Love this version more because of the bridge part.

 M8. my long forgotten cloistered sleep

The studio version was sung by Emily Bindiger. The first verse was sung by both WAKANA and KEIKO. WAKANA, just like KEIKO, had her English improved. I can understand all the English she threw. The “La la la” in the bridge was sun by the four of them. The added percussion in the final verse was so uplifting. The four sung the final bridge. I think the flute in the end is of different melody than that of the original.

 Love this version more. Again with the Emily Bindiger non-fan.

 M9. forest

The studio version was sung by Emily Bindiger. Well, there’s a flutist now. Yes, WAKANA is really improving with her English. What I love from this song is the Yuriko’s upper harmony during the chorus which made it heavy. The kajiurago in the bridge used to have only KAORI and Yuriko but now has KEIKO.

 M10. Credens justitiam

The studio version was sung by Eri Ito. Added new flute solo in the beginning. The first part of the verse was sung by KAORI and KEIKO until the higher register changed to WAKANA as the prominent voice. Sadly, WAKANA failed in that part. IMHO, almost same vocal arrangement of Kalafina’s Mirai:

 The first part of Mirai was sung by HIKARU and KEIKO until the higher register where WAKANA took over then back to HIKARU again on the change of register; albeit the last word was sung by WAKANA and not by KAORI. 

 The bridge vocal arrangement, bridge melody, and overall instrumental arrangement is different from Mirai! This live sounded a bit playful that Mirai.

 I love this song :0 I’ve been wanting to hear this live! More so, wanting to her FJ’s version!

 M11. eternal blue

This is FJ’s [if you count all the songs starting from Parallel Hearts] Fifth original song. Yes, this was recored earlier than stone coldaccording to KAORI. Compared to the ustream, KAORI and WAKANA sounded livelier; maybe they still haven’t had their energy drained unlike in Vol.#9 where this was the last song to be performed.

 The part I really loved in this song was the Yuriko soprano parts during the bridge but those were all masked out. I like the Vol.#9’s live version better.

 M12. Toki no Mukou Maborishi no Sora

This is FJ’s third original song. The verses was said to have  similar pattern with Kalafina’s to the beginning but the beat of to the beginningas well as the bridge part is more similar to eternal blue.  The kajiurago “cantabiliya” something was sung by the four. The KEIKO parts in the bridge were kinda masked out by the other three. The violin solo was okay. I can hear the crowd getting hype. Though I wish to see the video.

 M13. Hanamori no Oka

The studio version was sung by FictionJunction KAORI with Yuriko Kaida on the chorus. I really love the instrumental of this song; more so, would love to hear a with-string-quartet version. I can’t still understand the English parts in the bridge. KAORI is really great in singing progressive ballads. I wish Kajiura will composed more ballad songs for KAORI; also love her song Calling.

 M14. Kara no Kyoukai Medley

a.       In the garden of sinners (aka M01 from KnK Fukan Fukei OST)

The duet of WAKANA and KEIKO was really good.

b.      IV paradigm (aka M24 from KnK Mujun Rasen OST)

The keyboard part in the intro is quite similar to the keyboard solo with Contractor. I really love this song among all the Kara no Kyoukaibattle theme. I really love Yuriko in this one! She nailed the Hanae Tomaru parts. Yes, this has a different arrangement than the original version particularly the soprano parts being sung at the end. I REALLY LOVE THIS SONG!

The soprano parts were eargasm!

There’s an added keyboard solo during the end part. Again, some parts from M01 which were a bit of higher pitch compared to the first.

I wanna see this live!!!

 M15. heigen

The studio version was sung by Johan Sarah Jr., Hanae Tomaru, Yuriko Kaida, KAORI, KEIKO, and Yuki Kajiura. This is my favorite in the whole FICTION IIalbum! This song is very uplifting and nostalgic. Hafta love that Johan Sarah Jr. singing. Anyways, KEIKO wasn’t singing really low like the original version. I could barely hear her.

 M16. the image theme of Xenosaga II

The studio version [of the FICTION II] was sung by Deb Lyons with Tokyo Konsei, KAORI, KEIKO, and Yuriko Kaida in the chorus. The Uillean Pipe parts were orgasm. There’s not much difference from the previously released FJ version of this song. KAORI, KEIKO, and Yuriko did the chants originally sung by Tokyo Konsei; Homaygad, they nailed it! I hope for more FJ version of Tokyo Konsei songs. WAKANA sung the Deb Lyons part with KEIKO singing the lower harmony Deb Lyons parts. The Yuriko part in the second verse, which was originally a solo Yuriko part in the previous release, now had KAORI and KEIKO.

 Best part is the chanting parts! This is my favorite FJ live song evah!

 M17. I reach for the sun

The studio version was sung by Emily Bindiger with Yuriko Kaida on the chorus. Not much difference from the previous FJ version. No, better English for KEIKO! Many clapping in the background; the crowd must have loved it. Again, I really loved that Yuriko (main) x KAORI (chorus) parts in the bridge. Guitars were really great. The clapping added an effect with the performance, IMHO.

 M18. maybe tomorrow

The studio version [FICTION II] was sung by Emily Curtis with KAORI, KEIKO, and Yuriko on the chorus. This live is a duet with KAORI and KEIKO while WAKANA and Yuriko sung the chorus. Again, I would love to commend KEIKO because of her better English-ing. The vocal arrangement is similar to that of hitorigotoand Sayonara Solitialive: KEIKO sings in the initial and finale while KAORI sings in the middle.

This explains my second argument while Yuriko is the best Japanese Kajiura vocalist. The “notice” part was sung as no-tis while the other singer sung it as no-tes. OC much?!

 I wish for more KAORI x KEIKO duets.

 M19. stone cold

This is FJ’s sixth original song; also my favorite song! The PV of the song was shown during the encore parts. There’s a new overture part. On the first part of the first verse, KAORI sings with Kajiura. The English parts were sung by KEIKO, WAKANA, and KEIKO. The second part of the first verse added KEIKO and Yuriko. The chorus of the live version IMHO is better than the studio specially the part of “aidatte korogatte” and other similar parts where in Yuriko added a heavier tone. The second verse also follows the vocal arrangement of the first.

 The crowd is more hype in this song than the other songs; well, it’s the encore, durr.

My favorite part was the initial part of the bridge with the extended KAORI vocals. I love the effect of the added KEIKO on the middle part, and the added Yuriko on the final part. The kajiurago in the bridge is also great, albeit the studio was better.

 KAORI sung the loop part in the final part which was originally sung by WAKANA; same as what happened with Parallel Hearts and Hikari no Senritsu live.

M20. zodiacal sign

The original version was sung by Kaori Nishina. Not much difference from the previous release. KAORI sings the original melody of Nishina. KEIKO and Kajiura sing the lower harmony. WAKANA sings the upper harmony; though sometimes I hear her singing the lower harmony. Yuriko sings also the upper harmony but with the same melody as that of KAORI.

Better violin than the studio version. The studio version’s violin sounded frail. That Distancelike part of KAORI in the chorus wasn’t very powerful unlike the previous lives. Crowd loved this song!

 M21. Parallel Hearts

This is FJ’s first original song. Also, not much difference from the previous lives. Yes, the live version is a bit weaker than the studio version; I think it’s the instruments not the vocals. I really love that sad feeling even though the song is an upbeat song just like how I felt with Anna ni Issho Datta no ni.

 Yuriko’s solo parts were more hear-able. The tic-tac-tic-tac parts were also hear-able.

 M22. sweet song

The studio version was sung by Margaret Dorn with Tokyo Konsei on the chorus. The live version had KAORI singing the Margaret Dorn lines while KEIKO, WAKANA, and Yuriko sung the Tokyo Konsei parts.

Weak percussion compared to the original.


<newly performed songs only>

1.       Kara no Kyoukai Medley particularly that M24 parts.

2.       Stone cold

3.       Credens justitiam / jubilee

4.       Sweet song

5.       My long forgotten cloistered sleep

Final Say:

Wow! So many great lives yet unreleased… I’m sad. I really love FJ’s rendition of Kajiura’s compositions. Now I wanna hear Eri Ito, Hanae Tomaru, and Yuri Kasahara’s live rendition of their respective songs. Hopefully in the future. Also, since REMI is a Kajiura vocalist now, I wanna hear her performing the sword art online songs.

Only L.A.and everytime you kissed me were not performed in this live. I think they were present in the next live.

Only zodiacal sign was performed from the first FICTION album.

Hopefully the other lives were also recorded in this quality.

Summer Class 2012

These are the subjects I intended to take this summer:

EnSC13 – Strength of Materials; and

PI10 – Life and Works of Jose Rizal

I still haven’t finalized my schedule kasi nagkaproblema yung main server kahapon ng pesteng systemone . Nawalan ako ng EnSC13 eh yun naman talaga dapat ang priority.

Siguro…. siguro lang naman, eh ika-cancel ko yung PI10 para magtake ng PE2. If ever bumalik yung EnSC13 ko, ika-cancel ko na yung PI10

Sana hindi masyadong mainit ngayong summer.

Mag-uumpisa narin akong mag-review para sa ChE32 overdue Final Exam ko na ini-schedule ko na ng April 13. Sana kayanin ko ito at maipasa para bumalik na yung skolarship ko. 


A Special Christmas message for you, Penky!

Penky Punch!
Penky Kick!
Penky Stun!
Penky Flash!



Merry Christmas din sa ate mo, pati narin sa parents mo.
O diba? Ahehehehe.

Eto mas personal:

<iyak mode>

me malaki akong kasalanan hanggang ngayon ndi ko pa nasasabi sayo ahehehe. Wag mo na itanong. Ndi ko sasabihin though naipagkalat ko na sa iba. baka narinig mo na yun.

Ang pinakamalaking influence mo sakin?
Mmm. Nagustuhan kong maglaro ng mga video games and stuffs.
Never cared to play talaga noon until binigyan mo ako nung copy ng Pokemon Gold, at FFTA. Ahahaha sobrang naalala talaga eh.

Also Can’t forget the fresh<blank>.com na site.
Holy crap.


Salamat sa lahat lahat!
merun ka pa plang isang influence  sakin pero ndi ko na sasabihin dahil graduate na ako dun. Sobrang nahihiya ako pag naalala ko yun.
You -!

Anyways, nasa top 3 kita ng mga taong madalas asarin:
1. Marissa
2. Kapatid ko
3. Penky

kaya naman binibigyan kita ng special award:
Penky 2011 special award!


Wish ko para sayo:

sana magkabalikan kayo ni Ilonah
pero ndi naman pala naging kayo.
ahehehe. JOKE!
sana makita ka ni Ilonah in a different POV. para malaman nya na ikaw na! ikaw na! iKAW NA ANG MAS MATANGKAD SA INYONG DALAWA! Aheheheh.

-face palm-

Yun lang!
waley ng iba!

Madami akong gustong sabihin pero Mag-usap nalang tayo next time para mas tipid at mas live. O kaya chat dba?

Eto Pinakamatindi:

Antagal nakong ndi nakatikim ng libre mo. When was the last time? nung greenwich? Ahehehe

\(^o^ )/

A Special Christmas message for my family!

Thanks sa lahat lahat lahat!
Salamat a pag-unawa pati narin sa allowance. taasan nyo naman, ma and dad!



You brat! Ansarap mong asarin kasi pikon ka! Sorry k nalang pero ndi ako kasing pikon mo so walang effect yang mga pang-a-asar mo sakin! You’re too young to defeat the Prince!
Ikaw na ang makulay ang Love life!
Thanks, LOVE YOU!

EY mom! salamat dahil binibili mo lahat ng gusto ko! Pero mas gusto kong taasan mo nalang allowance ko. Hehehehe. Thanks, LOVE YOU!

Salamat dahil ndi ka kasing kuripot ni mama. Joke! Salamat dun sa Christmas Bonus ko!!! Next time ulit ah! Hehehe Thanks, LOVE YOU!

Sana maging masaya itong pasko natin together.
Madaming masarap na food!

Dito lang ako nakakakaen ng REAL FOOD.

kaya taasan nyo money ko para maka-avail ako ng Real Food sa elbi.


\(^o^ )/

A Special Christmas message for you, Jodex!

Bodex! Marimar-maree
Kamusta ka na?
As in long time no talk, no txt, no chat ang drama natin ah?



Merry Christmas din sa mga kapatid and parents mo!
Merry Christmas din sa lola mo!

Eto mas personal:

Miss na miss na kita Bodex!!!
Sobra ahehehe. Pinag-uusapan ka namin ni marissa last time. Namiss ka na daw niya.

Am sure happy ka naman with your life dyan sa UPB. Lipat ka na dito sa UPLB!!! wag sa UPD! Dahil wala ako dun! Hehehehe.

Hang-out naman tayo with marissa and rj next time na vi-visit akong Bayombong. natapos ko na pla yung game na pinalaro mo sakin at sooper smexy sya. hehehehe.

Wish ko para sayo:

Sana mas maging masaya ka pa!!!
Enjoyin mo lahat ng ginagawa mo.

Stay healthy and happy with those smexy guys.

Stay smexy!

Eto pinakamatindi:

Namiss ko na kumain kasama kayo!

\(^o^ )/